my silver bullet


shes getting there. had it for a year and a half so far and neen slowly been working it, so far its got

gcg high flow turbo (gt35 compressor)
x force 3"turbo back exhaust
apexi power fc
hks evcs (boost controller)
exeedy hd clutch
blitz/greedy front mount intercooler
blitz boost gauge
19" renegade rims
k@n podfilter
splitfire coil packs
turbo smart bov
darkest legal tint
jensen dvd player
fusion 12" sub and amp

think thats all of it, next thing is fuel system and a more aggresive tune. as is it has made 308bhp @ 13 psi (that should soon be going up to 17 psi). hope you like it as much as i do.:bigsmile:
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its been brocken for a while..... but now its back... and oh yes its fun,cant get traction half the time tho. should be getting new fuel system soon (more boost will follow cos injectors are reaching 98% now) and be heading towards 400bhp. then looking at gear ratios and drive train upgrades.
sorry about mini photos, its the only way i could get them to work.
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