My S2000

My S2000. Pics 13/8/09

Here it is, my Indy yellow pearl Honda S2000
Got some pics while I was out today. Car is totally standard now but I have a K&N Gen II FIPK induction kit for it. just not fitted yet.

Also iv just ordered a chargespeed vented bonnet from japan and have just ordered these in 17's:


Suposed to sit a bit wider on the car and make it look mean once lowered :twisted:









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There over 3 grand tho mate. Just booked it in to get the bonnet and side skirts fitted and sprayed on the 22nd june. Will be good for me as i wont miss the car as i will be in ibiza that week so my dad is just going to take it in and the come down from ibiza wont be as bad when i have it on the drive when i get back. lol. few more pics aswell:





thats pathetic, just becasue you have a lush car they cant accept it so they slash you roof, dicks

Ive had my windows smashed in and my satnav stolen too lol

Amazing car though mate, they look so good as stock cant wait to see it modidfied, such a good colour too
That front lip looks sweet. Nice work!

I went to a cruise a few years back and some tossers in a golf drove round the whole car park spraying a powder fire extinguisher out the window.

Pretty much every car there had a mist of powder on the roof and bonnet.

Most folks were content with muttering obscenities under their breath until word got out that the powder eats the paintwork.

Not what you wanna hear if you have an expensive paintjob, nevermind standard.

Within minutes the local garages jet and car wash was crammed, folks using one token and spraying about 10 cars as quickly as possible before the time ran out.

My new pack of 10 chamois's was obliterated in seconds as I felt obliged to share them :(

All in all quite an eventful night due to a couple tossers, who I heard ended up getting chased down and had their car rolled onto its roof by the pursuers. Karma is a bitch sometimes.
Aye boy racers chased 'em, maybe half a dozen cars roared off in the hunt.

Weren't any coppers to be seen that night, maybe the odd Fiesta panda car, but one look at the 200 strong convoy and he soon vanished.

Anyways, enough hijacking this thread.

S2000 WOO!
Got the skirts fitted. The bonnet is being preped and will be fitted on friday. Got the spats but dont really like them so not getting them fitted. Still waiting on these bloody wheels tho!


Looks a lot better with the skirts. I'm with turbo though, need a lip on the back to finish it off.

With some slightly staggered wheels that fill the arches nicely the stance will look amazing.
Got the bonnet fitted today so just waiting on the wheels now. Just rang them and they said they will still be a few weeks yet! Anyway here is a few pics I just took







Cancelled the wheels as iv been waiting nearly 5 month now and still no sign. Rang rarerims today and Im getting Rota torques in dark bronze now. I wasnt sure at first incase it wudnt suit the yellow but thats what i have gone for anyways. Ill be a bit different


Here they are on the car from the virtual fitting bay on rarerims


What you think?
i think they look sweet mate. better than the others. black are nice but can look cheap. these look exspensive. loosk real mean now !. if i was you i woudl paint the calipers up. but not yellow. get a good accent colour thought up.

black maybe? would look good through the rims.

overall im a jelous man! lovely ride !
Don't add a spoiler or a wing as it will spoil (no pun intended) the lines and add virtually nothing to the performance.

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