My Old Skool DUB *updated piccys*

Ok so hear is my Bad boy car witch i love sooooo much..
like i said in my intro iv not done hardly any thing to him accept break upgrade and a few other bits to the engine (keeping it tip top)

Enjoy it as this time next year he will be a DUB Show car.. Mwohahaha ;)

P.S Girls who drive Dubs are by far the coolist people (not that im biost lol)






Cheers luv :)
i like to... oh i forgot to mention his name is ROLF... ROLF the GOLF i know i was shocked at how brilliant i was for thinking that up tee hee
Ok so iv had a verry busy weekend working on the car
the alloys have been redone and painted
Calipers have all been painted
and my stereo has FINALY been sorted out :D
(my mates gave me some new speakers as well so thats was a touch)

ok so hear are the piccys Enjoy




Dirty but All finished :)


new kenwood speakers
(no i didnt cut the speaker mesh the div boy who had it before me did)

Oh and i picked this up at modded uk i think its well good :)
ye that sticker is the daddy my friend got it 4 me :) bless
yes Mk2's do rule i do agree wiv u on that one....

Errm i know im prob guna get beaten up if i say this but i dont like them alloys... its just not my style... (dont hurt me)
Really nice work! I love before and after pics. Be careful you dont kerb the wheels though - if it was me I would be totally paranoid! The sticker was a good find but wouldn't look right on my car

1) I'm a bloke
2) Its an Audi

I was at Modded on sat and there was a nice smoothed Dub in the trade hall did you see it?
humm i did see a nice Mk2 or 1 red cabrolay that was the daddy there were quite a few nice Dubs there so i was well chuffed

Trust me i am well para, i just know that coz they r now dark im guna kurbe them even though i never have before tee hee

My golf is getting there just takes time god damn it :(
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