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Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie on this site and a novice in tuning. I have a few questions regarding my new Mazda Premacy 2.0 Sport on an 02 plate. I can't seem to find any website that can offer any clear answers to questions about practical, quality parts available for the car that would make worthwhile upgrades. I don't want the car to be a drag-strip winner but smoother, more refined and properly tuned. Help! geezer.
Hi Geezer (I've always wanted to type that!) Welcome to the site. You have 127bhp at the moment which is a little low for a 2.0 engine buy hey you must be getting about 31 mpg! The handling would be the first thing I would look at. Getting some stiffer springs and sport shocks would help a great deal lower the car by 30mm (no more than that!).

Engine tuning - you are not going to find many parts to fit. So look for other Mazdas that use the same engine for a clue. A fast road cam would help a lot. Don't forget breathing though and add an induction kit with a cold air feed pipe and a sports exhaust of 2.5-3 inches (NO BIGGER!) That should make the car more interesting to drive without going silly! Weight reduction is another simple mod that can help a lot with a car.

Drop a short hello in the Mazda section and the other owners can find you then and swap tips.
Car sounds nice. Welcome to the site. Are they quite tall 'family' cars with lots of gadgets and creature comforts inside? Get yourself a nice in car entertainment setup like Cheryl88!!
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