My New Car


Mondeo 2.0 TCDi
Sup guys & gals, just got my 2018 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TCDi, it's the first car I've had that I can I can do anything exciting with :) Problem is I don't know jack *** about cars! Still learning. Very confused right now because there's a Mondeo and a Fusion.. they are the same BUT different, I don't get it? if I wanted to buy some body modification for a ford fusion 2014-2018, would it fit my Mondeo? since Fusion is a Mondeo... ? my Mondea is a Sedan, but many people say the Mondeo is an Estate and the Fusion is a sedan :/
The Ford Fusion and Mondeo are essentially the same car but with different names in different markets. Generally, body modifications for a Fusion should fit your Mondeo sedan. Always double-check specific parts compatibility.
Congrats on the new ride! The Mondeo/Fusion naming can be confusing. Generally, parts meant for one would fit the other, but I'd recommend double-checking compatibility. As for financing mods, consider Exeter Finance reviews as some customers praise their auto loan options for customizations. Either way, take your time researching to ensure the right fit for your Mondeo.

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