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Hi I'm David John, my present car is a golden yellow mondeo 1997, I had a nice bodykit on it until some nonce forced me over a kerb on broke one of my sideskirts, I'm going to get it repaired & put back on when I have some money.
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Sorry to hear about your bad luck, hope you get it sorted soon. :D
Hi there, I hope you are well. May I wish you a warm welcome to TorqueCars, it is a pleasure to meet you.

Sorry to hear your bad news I bet you were mortified!

You'll find us a pretty friendly bunch and I'm sure you'll start to love and enjoy the forums as much as we all do. (It gets quite addictive at times.)

Feel free to get involved in our other threads, all opinions are welcome and as they say "the more the merrier"! (It's also great when people start new threads and discussions and all adds to the great debate.)

Keep us up to date with your project as well, we like to see what people are getting up to with their cars.

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