My last new car


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2011 Honda FN2
I am off to collect what I imagine will be the last car that I will ever buy for myself on my birthday today.

It is replacing my 180klm 2010 4x4 crew cab ute that is being passed on to my eldest son @ the trade in price so I am thinking that he got a good deal seeing that it was driven by a elderly gent with no off road or beach driving.

I am replacing it with another 4x4 demo car that has been fitted with almost every extra possible so it will certainly look the part when we head off on a 3 week bucket list trip to explore our home state soon.

I have posted a link so you will get a look at what exactly I am getting but in blue.
Just arrived home from collecting it and I must say that it is a big improvement over my 2010 base model|B :)
Congratulations, that looks really nice. What an awesome treat! Making the most of the big 80 then?!

Wife recons she paid for it seeing she got the bank cheque but I'm not complaining:)

Today is the first step on the way to triple figures|B
Just back from towing the Civic back from the suspension shop and I must say that it is a vast improvement as it pulls it better than the old model did without the trailer and car :)

The Type R is also slightly heavier than the Starion in the pic and wider so was chuffed to be able to drive it on and off the trailer by myself seeing that there is only 3 inches to spare between the side rails on both sides.:eek:|B
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@TCJBOLDIE Great to know. How did you manage to tow? I have heard about [SPAM LINK REMOVED] services. Can't figure out which one to choose. Got the Mustang GT500, lucky me? Ain't I :D
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