My First Car

Hey all this is my motor i got on tuesday for £600 and the insurance is £2612 Fully Comp so I just put her through the MOT and as you can see i cocked up with the motor oil trying to add oil in a force 7 gale doe not work!!

This is My Fiat 1.2 8v ELX

Its not anywhere near as nice as your cars but its quite nimble imho

Any tips on what I can improve?


yup use a funnel for the oil ;)

use some tar and glue remover - you probably will get away with petrol now that its cooler. to remove the residue from where the plates have been stuck on and give it a good polish to bring some depth back to the paint.

talking about where the L plates have been, whats the laws regarding new drivers now and the P plates ? i kniow they were optional when i passed but do you have to have them on now for the 1st x months ?
They were P Plates the old owner Had i got some Red T Cut wednesday for it.
I choose not to use P plates as it makes other drivers nervous

I worked out the funnel thing after fannying about for 20 minutes in the wind lol!!

What do you mean get away with petrol??
petrol has a low boiling point so if you were using it to dissolve the glue then it would start to evaporate off before you were finished. in summer you would have next to no chance where as now you might get away with in the shade. otherwise i would say get in touch with your nearest autosmart dealer and get some tardis - 5ltrs is around £20 and just watch the glue and any tar sports run off. makes the autogym stuff look like water.
ahhh ok mate thanks for the heads up i got a small fuel can ill put couple of quid in tommorow!

What about cosmetics im considering a big black stripe down the left from centre of the car like on the new punto as i think it looks beautiful
not got a clue mate, would depend on the painter, the paint wanted, the prep work done etc.

an idea might be to do it in vinyl that way if you dont like it some hot water and time will remove it

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