My final track day for 2022


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2011 Honda FN2
Well it's tomorrow and the weather forecast is not looking great for a dry sunny day at my local track that is just under an hour away and have noticed that entries are down.

So it looks like reduced lap times are out but I see it as an opportunity to feel the grip limits at a lower speeds and see how well the factory mechanical LSD helps put power to the ground exiting corners.

Will have to exchange the very worn front semi slick tyres over for my other newer pair that are have only done 1 track day.

If it is really bucketing down I can also fit my road wheels and tyres that have better drainage tread design.
Unsure if I'm too late but take a photo of your joy on the track :D if possible. But yeah the forecast this week's looking grim sadly.

Mate it rained all afternoon and I loved driving my CTR at 10/10ths or maximum attack as the rally boys say and posted 3rd on one track and 2nd on the other one ahead of an I30N ,370z track 86 and an Evo 8 and had an absolute ball driving the wheels off it. Entry into T1 was down from 165 kph to app 155 kph and the stability control off.

There was 10 in the group and on a dry day I would be trailing far behind them so wet conditions reduce the high powered RWD cars advantages and an LSD equipped FWD car was so much fun thru the extra wet patches and having the car squirilly and moving around in a straight line and differing levels of grip almost everywhere understeer moments in corners depending on the depth of the water that varied in so many places around the track was a great learning experience exploring both car and drivers limits.

I reckon that it was the most enjoyable track day ever. so it's a pity for the organisers that so many sooks withdrew from the event.

BTW I used semi slicks with the newer set on the front.

I am car 29 starting on the 13th row when you scroll down.
Hope you can see them over there.

Holy damn you're pretty good! Track looks nice and cars shiny and clean despite the weather =)
ngl that sounds quite stressful with every corner being different with those conditions, but, otherwise, certainly morte thrilling too!
haha I love driving in the rain so great to hear tthe same pelasure found on the track, defo will have to try one day when both me and my pug's ready.

lol loving the number plate aha and the colour souits well ofc. Can see the RHS from me leaning in with the weight ah man this looks great, quality shots too with the camera. Looks great! Get exited just reading and browsing hypes me right up to take mine on track one day. Hopefully more contestant next time also =) Looks great tho o/
Thanks for your compliments Eddie but I must say that I am still taking advise from others who are in my opinion far more talented and reckon that pushing the limits in trying conditions is a great learning experience.

Cheers and have a great Christmas break and get the Pug track ready and work up to setting some good lap times.
Adding more obstacles to overcome certainly sounds like the way to improve =)
aha thanks & you too! am slowly slowly getting the Pug up to a good standard for track N fun thanks!

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