My corolla E12

Hmm.. i dont now what am i doing wrong?? i have trade to upload with imageshack
Because you have less than 10 posts all pictures have to be approved before the post is displayed. I have approved your posts. You only need a few more posts and then your images will appear straight away.

The car is looking nice. Thanks for uploading.
RearSpoiler 200€
Sideskirts 190€
FrontSpoiler 200€
Rear bumper skirt 250€
Chrome Rear lights 150€
grill 120€
Head light cover 70€
H&R springs 30mm 210€
K/N Panel air filter 70€
OZ Racin superleggera 17" 830€
Toyo tires T1R 215/40/17 800€
HID Xenon kit 6000K 230€
Denso iridium sparks 60€
Exhaust 280€
Navigation Garmin nuvi 250 270€

This is the list what is on car for now...
I think you'd get better results from a replacment ECU. THe Apexi Power FC was recommend for Toyota engines. It gives a lot more mapping potential rather than the sly piggy back altering timing on the fly.
Sorry - not got a price on that for you and with the current volotile exchange rates I'm not sure what it would be in Croatia.
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