My carputer install

I did think about it as there is a nice space where the passenger airbag is, however I can't shell out the notes for another laptop at the moment, a netbook might be the best option if I can use an external screen on it as well
Thanks for the link to this page PG!

It has been a most enlightening read.

If I may ask most of the info I have read on the net say that the PC processor of a standard computer can not with stand the heat inside the dash board of the car and that a special processor is required with the assistance of a different type of heat sink. Have you taken this into consideration or have you tested this. The reason I ask because it is a lot cheaper to use standard computer components.

Also I have been talking to sound installation companies and they say that the source from which your amp receives, plays an important role in sound quality. What sound card have you installed into the PC? Are you building an ice system to match up with your in-Dash PC?

I apologies for asking so many question but I am an information junky. I need to know before I attempt or at least as much as I can find out.

I am wonder if a person used a laptop and rebuilt it into an alternative casing would this not sort out the power issue? By extending the power on/off button to a dashboard button and the screen output directly to your screen. The keyboard could also be relayed to a mini keyboard or if the a touchscreen keyboard software installed.

What are your feelings on this? I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again for the information!
You'll need a lower wattage CPU my friend. anything rated at 90w and under should do you fine. Most CPU's dont reach there factory heat output of the said 90w unless Overclocked, and since the carputer will not be underload, hyper threading will do fine. to run XP you'll be fine with a single core AMD sempron, I think most mobo companies make mini ITX boards for socket AM3 and AM2 if needs be. the heat sink would need to be a low profile sink and a pretty fast rpm fan with high CFM would help tons.
My lil brothers athlon 3800 X2 idles at 15 - 20 degress, due to lower wattage, where as mine idles at 30 - 45 degress, due to its output.
the problem you also have is power. the power supply that i had in mine could only manage 120w or something. so with a processor that develops 90w TDP then your already over that by the time you added in the motherboard.

the little falls 2 board that i was using only drew around 30w in total. the total system including the touch ran less than 60w.

heat wasnt much of an problem as even trying to fit a mini itx in the dash was going to be problematic so i fitted it to a slim line case and bolted it to the back of the seat. cables ran from under the backseat through the central console to the headunit.

as for connecting to the amp, i did look at this but decided to increase the length of the loom for the headunit and fitted it beside the case in the boot. then all i did was run the speaker output from the MB to the aux input on the head unit.

not building on it any more as the car has since been written off so the computer is now going to be rebuilt for a home server

the laptop idea sounds good if you could connect the ignition into the power button. touchscreen could be connected up through the additional VGA output and usb.
this would allow you to have the laptop in standby when the car is off and be playing music within seconds of starting the car.

davalav aye heat is a big problem withsome of the bigger cpus, my i5 sits around 30 idle and 50 under full load at 4.8ghz, and thats under water cooling. my old x2 5000+ used to sit around 23 idle and 70 loaded at 3.2ghz.
all temps are actual and not DTemps ambiant temp in the room is usually around 20-22
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