My car - tiger cub

My car - Tiger Cub. Bought it some time ago - it had a standard 2 litre Pinto which I took out and replaced with a tuned 2 litre Pinto. Purchased from a reliable source the engine has been in about a year now. Very quick off the mark - right up my street. Haven't done a lot to it apart from buying some wheels and respraying them myself. I absolutely love the car BUT it now it has a rival in the shape of a Raffo Belva 2 litre Zetec. Cost me an arm and a leg - had to part exchange the wife to get it but unfortunately I can't keep both cars however much I'd like to so the Tiger Cub will very soon be up for sale. Will post photos of the new car as soon as I get my greasy mitts on it. Been lurking around the site for some time but now have taken the plunge and posted my first message. :bigsmile:
I am looking forward to seeing it :) It's sad when you have to part with something you don't want to :/
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