My car smells of chips


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Me and a group of me mates ate chips in my car last night. It still smells of chips today.

How do you get rid of the smell and do you ban people from eating in your car? I will ban all eating in future, the mess and the smell is not worth it.
I don't let anyone eat anything that smells in my car!

Drive with the windows down for a little while, that should help. Maybe buy an air-freshener as well.
hello prince,

yeah, i hate people eating in my car, and what bugs me more is when they ask to go to the drive thru, whats wrong with eating inside a restaurant, its why they have seating

mate, get a bottle of febreeze, spray it at night before you go inside for the night
in the morning it will be gone, with the cold and that febreeze, you;ll never smell anything as fresh
Don't eat in the car is the best advice. Don't leave the wrappers in - that's the worst problem.

Leave the windows open for a couple of hours whilst it's parked up - it'll soon clear.
get a cup, put some coffee granuels in it (no water) and put it in your car for a couple of hours, or overnight whilst your parked up, the coffee will absorb the smell.

great tip aswell for your fridge at home, good for when you have onions or other stinky stuff in there, gets rid of all the smells but wont make it smell like coffee either

thanks for reading 'Cats tip of the day, tune in again soon' lol :)
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The smell is in the fabric and carpets. Get a good fabric cleaner and vac it off. It will take a while but the smell will fade.

You could always fill up the car with Lemon magic tree air freshners!
i use airfreshners that you can open up and refill, i use personal perume in them, very strong smell, beats chips though

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