My car needs a new Head Gasket, what should be in the HG set ?


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Ford Focus mk2
I drive a 2006 1.8 MK2 Focus Sport
Last week after a chemical test was confirmed bad HG

Car runs well apart from water loss, no smoke, no water in oil or water in oil, no bubbles in coolant tank e.t.c.

9 months ago I paid a garage £950 for HG replacement but found out later they only did water pump.
I went back the same garage and told them HG was gone, I wanted to see if they were willing to offer a solution but no, they were not willing to do anything about it .

My friend is a master technician, he said he will do HG all in including parts for £400 but said I will have to pay extra £30 for H skim.
I don't really like asking him what parts he will replace as I don't want him to think I don't trust him to get it right, but I do need to know what he is going to be doing so I will ask him .
Anyway, he says that the valve stem seals will not need replacing as my car does not smoke anyway, he says that is a separate job in itself and quite involved.

So , before I ask him for a complete brief of what he will replace along with the HG, I just want to know what should come in a HG set ?

Also, how long do you think it will take to complete on my car ?

Simply go to a auto parts shop and ask to see the kit for your particular vehicle,
I would have the head checked for warping / bending as it may need to be straightened before skimming as one does not want the camshaft to remain bent by simply skimming the head.
It's just a gasket and some kind of sealing adhesive usually. Some high performance cars need new bolts as these stretch.

The head skim should ensure that the head is flat. I'd do an oil change after a few hundred miles and you should also replace the coolant IMO.

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