My Baby

Hello All

Well This is what the old Mad Wog Looked like until about 3 months ago




I'll start a fresh thread for Mad R Wog as i will post pictures from the beginning of the rebuild to current state.

Approved for you buddy. It got stuck in the mod queue because you need 10 posts before you can upload pics and links buddy. Have a wander round though and get posting you'll soon hit 10 mate.

Nice motor by the way.
jeeeeeeeeeez dude, where did you find shoes like that? please direct me :)
i do own a punto so not sure if they will go as small as 18's, they would match my DUB badge i have though, im a big fan, cheers mate and sweet ride, one of the nicest iv seen
Impressive work, do you still have it? Have there been any more mods done since you posted this?
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