My baby 6'er.

Hi guy's. right this is my baby. She's a 3.0ltr V6 Calibra running around 220-230bhp (not quite sure as I haven't had a rolling road test done since it was a 2.5V6 and it was 220bhp then)

Specs as Follows


3.0ltr V6 24v Engine

Custom Chrome Air Filter Extension Pipe

Custom Chrome Air Intake Elbow Replacement.

Custom Made, Carbon Dipped Air Filter Heat Shield

Flowed inlet manifold and manifold devider.

Full Custom Made Straight Through Stainless Steel Exhaust System (Downpipes back)

K & N Induction Kit/ Cold Air Feed

Replacement unit for the Traction Control unit.

Samco Hose Cuplinks

Uprated 3.2 V6 Alternator (with battery)


0 Gauge Amp Wiring Kit

2 x Infinity Crossovers

6 Channel JBL Amp @ 1500 watts

Bose Tweats @ 90 watts

Custom Made Acoustic Enclosure.

Custom made Acoustic Parcel Shelf.

2 x FLI by Vibe 10" sub @ 800 watts

FLI by Vibe 12" sub @ 1000 watts

2 x FLI by Vibe 2 Channel Amp @ 400 watts

Kenwood 13cm 2 way speakers @ 160 watts

Panasonic CD Head Unit @ 50w X 4.

Vibe 1.0 Power Cap

Vibe SE K-Series 6x9's @ 525 watts


Carbon Fibre Effect Number Plates

Hose Kit



OZ Super Turismo GT's

Here's some pics of her:

some shots of the old gal'





Let me know what ya tink,
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Yeh I had some major probs with not so long ago with the alternator. Basically it couldn't keep a decent charge on the battery with the stereo on so hence the 3.2 alternator with according bettery. No problems with at all now (touch wood) lol.
I'm up to about about 5 grand so far, another 15 hundred quid and it will be where I want it. Unless I wanna go for £2500 and have a supercharger lol.
If i can just get this nice 10lb bottle fitted i'll be well away pmsl.

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Really nice, I have a bit of a soft spot for these cars!

Install and interior is not my sort of thing, but with an engine like that, I suppose you can afford a bit of excess weight!
Senetor's use a slightly different set up to the more modern V6's, I tried to get hold of the same set up but the Carlton GSi 3000 engine and found out that the senator and carlton engine don't fit under the bonnet of a Calibra. So hense me goin for the 3.0 out of an omega.
Come on then peeps, who wants to see or more importent hear my 6'er in action against a 235bhp Calibra Turbo???? :twisted:
It's funny, I just toy with him really so you'll get the idea. Oh by the way, turn your speakers up cuz the stereo makes the car sound quieter than what it is until I turn it off :twisted: he he he, but check it anyway.

Still makes me smile when I watch it lol.
It sounds great on full CHAT! - Nice one. I was kinda hoping you'd press a button and jump over the other guy! Looks like he gave up. Was that 148 that I saw on the speedo? Tsk Tsk. :lol:
I proberbly would have taken him alot sooner but he wouldn't pull over til' I flashed him to get out the way, "Motorway Barge comin thgrough"
Yeh I do miss this beast alot. Was definatly one of the most fun normally asperated cars i've ever driven. When she was tuned to the stage she was I could get her to spin when changin into 5th if i granny clutched it lmao. Would love to do it to another one but will bide my time until an absolutly mint Calibra V6 DTM. I know they made a DTM in the 2.0 16v Eco Tec, 2.0 16v Turbo and the V6 but as the original touring car they were based on was a 2.5 V6, i'd rather have the V6 version as there is less of them (about 176 iirc) and the fact it's the closest to what the car is based on.
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