my accord

this was my accord the 1st time round. it was standard when i got it. i lowered it 40mm, 17"s, self made front bumper and skirts, standard 2.0 16v single cam engine, induction kit and stainless b/box.
this is it at the moment;

sadly i havent had much time to do any work on this latley, the new spec is
coupe front and back bumpers modified to fit
astra mk3 wide arch kit modifeid to fit
fiat bravo indy500 skirts modified to fit
impreza afterbbuner led back lights grafter in
smoothed boot
bi-plane spoiler
bumpstrips removed
side repeaters removed and placed in spoiler
vents in bonnet
bee sting areial

running gear;
rover 620 turbo conversion
engine fully stripped
bottom end lighten and balance inc flywheel
uprated shells
uprated thrust washers
new oil pump
stainless con rods (havent got yet)
borred out from 84.5mm piston to 86.00mm wossenger vauxhall calibra low compression forged pistons
4 layer stainless head gasket
arp head stud conversion (havent got yet)
head fully rebuilt and skimmed
head, inlet manifold and plenium ported and polished (not yet done)
uprated cams (havent got yet)
t30 hybrid turbo and uprated forge actuator
fuel boost valve
vernier adjustable pullies
superchiped ecu to allow me to run past 12psi (untill i can afford an emerald or motec!)
huge intercooler 33"x12"x3" with 3" pipes
digital fan controller
bigger oil cooler
fast road organic clutch

i think thats about it so far lol what do you think???
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It looks pretty good mate...the only thing missing is a lick of paint! Lmao! What colour do you intend on spraying it? What bhp are you running?
Looks like a good project, and I wish you all the best for it. Thanks for posting up the pics and please keep us updated with progress.
nice like the rear lights, looks like a skyline, how did you make your bumper?
i dont av a clue at the min, i havent yet measured the cubic inch to see what size the engine is after the rebore! im expecting at least 300bhp. ive got my own buisness, mainly do bodywork but just about everthing. im still in the set up stages at the min, kinda why im doing the civic coupe.
one of them lol. ive got this, my civic, a 2.0 turbo nova (old skool) a series a opel manta (older skool) which is possibly getting a pontiac gto v8(325hp) and a mini cooper oh and an escort van hence why the accord ain finished yet.
i made the bumper out of a civic coupe kit, my original bumper and alot of fibreglass matting! the colours gona be the same blue as in the pics (its acctually a pearl silver) but with a rainbow flake. when i do the civic and sell it i'll hopefully have some cash to finish it
Love the Manta, i have always had a soft spot for them. Nice looking motor.
Those and Mk3 Cortinas, two of my favourite motors.
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