My A4 brake lights are staying on fault


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I've just had my first fault on my A4! :( The brake lights are constantly on. It sounds like a stuck switch to me. The odd thing is that it feels like I'm braking when I come off throttle. Does the fuelling get cut when the brake light sensor is on and the engine is not under load?

Anyhoo, the Audi recovery man is coming out to play so we'll see what he can do and I'll report back.

I can't even see the switch there is so much plastic underneath the dashboard. If he can't fix it I think I'll push for an R8 as a hire car for the weekend.
It was a dodgy switch. Audi assistance came out and did a temp fix and the car is booked in on the 20th for a Permenant repair along with a list of other niggles and points to check like tracking, the Fuel pump follower lobe.

I'm glad it was just a minor electrical switch issue but it doesn't fill you with confidence that it failed on a car that is only 4 years old!
No it's a manual and yes it has been pressed a lot. But I wouldn't expect electrical components to start breaking after just 5 years. There are quite a few others A4 owners in the same boat - so there was probably a bad batch of dodgy switches.

I suppose I'm expecting too much. The A3 had no electrical faults or problems of this nature until it got to 9 years old.
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