My 4efte converted starlet :)

So this is my toyota starlet from 1996 with a 4efte conversion with megasquirt ECU, TD40 turbo running 0.7 bar and 174 hp. :) Firstly pictures with new wheels mounted



And one with the old wheels..


The car has been modified so you can't see it's got a turbo engine mounted, even when you open the bonnet the original air filter is still in it's place, but with black pipes from the FMIC mounted behind the original air filter so you will have to go close up before you can see it's turbocharged. And the rear muffler kind of looks like the standard one, just a little larger and makes a great noise, not too loud either :) will post pictures tomorrow of the engine bay if people are interested :)

Pics of machine ;)


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Hi Frander,
Sorry but your post went into the mod queue because new members are not permitted to post images or links until they've contributed at least ten posts. because I'm such a good egg I've approved it this time for you but please refrain from posting any more images until you've got your ten posts in.

It's a great looking car & I hope you'll continue to keep us updated. :)

Loz. :D
Oh sorry didn't remember that, been some time since i registered here. And thank you, i won't post more pics till i have more than ten posts ;)
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