MY 2nd track day in 22


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2011 Honda FN2
Looking forward to next Thursdays Time Attack at my local track and finding out just how good or bad the new 235/40/18 Vitour Tempestra semi slicks that I had to buy to replace 1 damaged Nexen N Fera semi as there were not a single one of them in the country.

The CTR now has Vitour 235's on the front and Nexen's 225's on the rear and they are all 200 TW's
It was a cold and windy day and the new tyre mix felt a bit strange at first but no PB's on the day and as expected the Honda CTR ran like a Swiss watch all day.

I an thinking that I should fit the 1/2 worn AR1's for the next event which is the Gold Rush Hill sprint over a 3 klm course on closed roads as the AR1's IMO have better early grip from cold as there is no warming up for hill climbs like there is on track days so the tyre can get up to the heat range where it has the best grip.
Cold track + cold tyres can make for twitchy handling on the first hot lap until one gets some heat into them to get the tyres into their best heat and pressure ranges .
All tyres have an optimum pressure and heat range for the maximum grip and that's why drivers weave around on the warm up laps and behind safety cars.

GP cars have tyre heaters covering the tyres before heading out onto the track.
Tyre heaters is an interesting concept I never heard off, I think I'm far from putting my faily on a track but it's nice to think about it and consider far in future.

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