my 106 xt

Hi all,
managed to get a few photos of my car.

Car spec;
Peugeot 92 K reg 106 XT
Hi comp 106 xsi bottom end with my 106 xt head,
Lowered 60mm aprox front and 60mm aprox (2 splines of the torsion bar) rear,
toyo proxes tyres front and rear (not sure make of alloys as they come with the car),
clifford alarm,
fully striped.

all comments well come. :D
no problems with the rear suspension as i have had it lowered on the tursion bar so i got the original suspension. It can be a bit of a hard ride on ruff roads. the wheel just catches a little on the arch when i go over big bumps. just fileing the arches a little every week to stop it also strugle to go over v.big speed bumps as exhaust also catches in the centre.
I was over in Malaysia a while ago and car modifications are cheap as, so everyone with a Proton will put low-profile tyres, front and back wings and large exhaust pipes on. However there are a fair few poorly made speed-bumps as well which have many a tell-tale gouge mark as the front wing scrapes over or the exhaust smacks it. How they'd cope in a tight multi-storey car park is something else.

Nice front lights though. I always thought the 106s would be perfect for delocking and handle removal.
There are some bad speed bumps round my way with pot holes befor and after :evil: the ones they stick in the middle of the road are a big problem as i have to go round or in the middle of the road witch anoy other drivers when i stop and wait for the other cars to come past. :oops:

waynne would be good to meet , maybe be-able to have a big get together or something :?:
What about I won't be organising a stand but I'll get a banner organised and we can all meet by the banner at say 2:00?

The show is looking absolutly awesome this year! Anyone else game for this?
P0rn! Love those. Lowering it the splines way is a bit risky mate, best taking the bar out and doing it the mm but its done now and looks the sex.
we did take the bar out (2 splines is aprox 60mm) that the only other way to do it or shocks. It has been done by the lads at spoox who have done all the work on the car for me and no what they are on with. si

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