MX/5 wheel & tire upgrade?


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Hi Guy's, It is time to replace my tires, I have an "01" special edition with 195/45/16's on now and the spedo reads low about 9%. I am planning to go to a 17x7.5 rim and looking at tire size 215/40/17. That should make the spedo read correctly. am looking at tire choices, my priorities are handeling and LOWEST road noise. Am looking at; NEXEN N3000, SUMITOMO HRTZ II, YOKOHAMA, KUMHO Ecsta SPT, or GENERAL Altimax HP. Any thoughts or recomendations will be appreciated. Pleast note, wet traction is not a worry I drive my Land Rover in winter.
Thanks Jim
Softer compounds tend to have lower road noise, but they do wear more quickly. The Kumhos and Yokohmas would be my top choices from your list.
I use Falken 452s in the size you're looking at and they're a great tyre for the money. road noise isn't intrusive and they have very good grip.
I have the Yokohama S Drive in my car (195/55-15) and they are pretty good all around, but driving the car back from Tacoma WA to Atlanta GA in November, I found that they are not so good on the ever present wet pavement and cool weather combo of the Pacific Northwest.
I don't know if they are available in the size you need, but the best tire for wear, comfort, noise and wet handling (extremely good dry road handling as well) that I've ever had are the Michelin Pilot AS run flat tires I put on my '09 C6 Z51 Corvette. Those tires are brilliant they were only surpassed in dry road handling by a narrow margin by the Supercar F1 Goodyear tires that came on the car (those tires lasted only 14K miles and were horrible in every other category.
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