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Hello all! After a long time I am again back Torquecars! I was having intense pressure & had to study a lot to shape my career. I have now completed my post diploma in Automotive Mechatronics from Mercedes-Benz India plant & have become a Certified System Technician.

Guys, I am thinking of moving to UK for working. I want some advice from you guys. How do I proceed? I have already posted applications to Jardines & Sytner groups for vacancies. I am really interested to join the fabulous auto industry of UK which hosts so many world known brands. It would be a regret of my life if I dont end up there. Please suggest whatever you think......:p
No bro. I dont have any special preferences, but I would like to work with a Merc dealer 1st as it will be easier for me. Can you guys please help me about how to proceed, how to apply or how to get a job there? How about the visas? The companies prefer foreign workers or not? Please help me out.
I know you you would prefer Mercedes but I would try tata in your own country first and see if they are offering positions in there jaguar plants in the uk
The economy in the UK is still pretty shot at the moment and there are just not the jobs and opportunities around.

Don't rush into this, a lot of people regret moving to the UK and are stuck here now.

Come over for a holiday and see what it's like and set up some job interviews.
Greetings buddy and welcome back to TC :)

I wish you the very best of luck with your new qualifications, I am hoping that your dream job is just around the corner :)

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