Moving an e39 into neutral with a dead battery


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I know most of u guys in here probably know this already, but u never know.

If u ever have the need to move ur car with a dead battery, u would still need to get the car into neutral gear. Simple enough u might say.

Now take my experience as an example. I just moved to North Carolina and I left my project e39 behind. I planned to get it shipped at a later date. The car I purchased with a smashed hood that wouldnt open. Before I left the car I removed the battery and forgot to leave a replacement.

Weeks later and I'm ready to have the car shipped. The guy who was to tow the car brought a very big car trailer. The car was parked all the way in the back of a narrow parking lot. It was left there by a flat bed. The guy, not a mechanic had no idea how to get the car into neutral to try to push it into a position where he could manage to get it onto his rig. Not experienced with anything other than towing car I would imagine, he could not come up with any feasible way to get the job done. Car was left there unfortunately.

So see how very easily u may need to know how to get the car into neutral in an emergency situation let's say. well there is an emergency override to the automatic gear selector. A flat head screw driver is all that's needed do depress a release tab located on the right side of the gear shifter. ( the shift boot assembly has to be undone for this).

Hope this helps someone.IMG_20200908_174214_977.jpg

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