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MgF Trophy 160 SE
I've got a MgF Trophy & getting a constant power supply to my sub amp is proving to be a total pig. I've currently got a standard 85 amp alternator, the standard alternator to battery cable plus 170 amp cable along side. My battery is a 900 amp gel cell with 2 8gauge cables to a 1.7 farad power cap & the same cables to the amp. I have a pioneer 800watt mono amp & 2 pioneer shallow subs. The amp isn't even set to normal on the gain & it still cuts out under heavy bass loads. When I watch the led readout on the power cap it drops below 11 volts & goodbye bass! I though big phat batteries & power caps were supposed to eliminate these issues. I'm guessing that because it's 5 metres from the alternator to battery then the cabling is seriously under powered hence why it's now got 2 cables & 2 more from the battery. I've been looking at high ampage alternators but I'm still thinking that I'm gonna need a split charge system. Has anyone had a similar problem with a big system in a mid engined car?
Oh I forgot to say that I was running the pioneer amp with a 740 amp lead battery & the power cap with single 8gauge power cable to run a 10" pioneer & 12" fusion subs with the gain on full with no problems in both my escorts.
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