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Hi.Very new to the forum but need help, My Mondeo TDCi on 52 has recently had the glow plug light starting to flash whilst Driving. There appears to be no change in the power or performance of the car.If I stop and Restart the light goes out. Travel a few miles and it re appears.
I got paranoid coz I was told its the warning light for injectors etc.
However the mechanic I used plugged in his computor/diagnostic machine and read the fault codes. It Came up with P0325 knock sensor 1. circuit Malfuction. this totally baffled him as he belives the TDCI does not have a knock sensor.We drove the car for about 5 miles. longer than usual for this light to flash but could not get it to Reappear.
Can anyone shed any light please ?:p
thanks im due to go away in 10 days and have a 200 mile drive and don't need to have a problem on the road.!
You need to get the codes read realy, but it's not uncommon for intermittent glow plug light to mean imminent fuel pump failure, if your lucky it will be the inlet metering valve on the pump which can be replaced.
thanks. as previously said in the initial write up there was a code P0325 ( looking at the ford codes this does not equate to anything ) however under the code it said knock sensor 1 circuit malfunction.........
Opps, missed that bit

Knock sensor wiring harness. or IDM/PCM connector

the connectors are at the pcm /idm (power train control module ) this is behind the front bumper at the nearside its held in its own plastic box which you will have to remove the rivets (tamper proof) before you do this if you look at the earth connection which is behind the nearside headlamp and remove it i think there are 3 there use a new bolt and put one earth in the bolthole that you will see unused and the other 2 in the original bolt hole this was a bit of a problem on some mondeos where the pcm would lose its earth.

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