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Ford Mondeo MK3
Hi everyone. Quick question, will the Mondeo MK3 Duratec 3,0 V6 / ST220 cam fit in the Mondeo MK3 Duratec 2,5 V6: If so what is the approx. gain. Also, will the 3,0 V6 injectors combined with an induction kit make a significant difference on this mod.
2.3 to 2.5 swaps are common but I've not heard of a 3.0 cam in a 2.5, the heads and blocks are very similar, its the crank and pistons IIRC that make the capacity difference. If I find something definate out I'll pop a reply in here so you can others doing this can find it.

Are you doing a remap and fitting upgraded valve springs? Most mild cam upgrades give about 10% more power on the duratecs, with supporting mods of course.

The 3.0 injectors will give more capacity and prevent flat spots but you won't gain power directly through higher flowing injectors, again the ECU needs to be mapped to take this into account

The plan was to have the cams swopped, have the head ported together with an induction airflow kit, remap and finally upgraded exhaust. The injectors were meant to compensate for the cams if needed, but since I already have the injectors why not, right?

As for the valve springs, it was not my intension to up it as the lift is not that drastic to warrant the upgrade, but that is just a calculated assumption based on the max threshold (271°/271° - 225°/225° - 10.00mm/10.00mm - 1.05mm/1.15mm)

2,5 V6 cam specs (std)
O.E.M.Ford KL Ford / MazdaV-6cyl 2.5L 24v DOHC (DTH/DTH)

3,0 V6 cam specs (std)
O.E.M.Ford duratec ST ST220V-6cyl 3.0L 24v DOHC (RPRH/RPRH)

I would like to hear your opinion on this and any other advice you have.
OK I've done lots of research over the years and seen both the 3 litre and the 2.5 cams, in a nutshell no. You'll find the heads are totally different, the heads on the 3 litre was redesigned for more airflow.
I've just had a new set of cams designed and made for my 3L duratec at a cost of £1k, its not worth messing about with, or you can get the old ones cut for £600
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