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Mondeo 2.2 TDCI
I assume you are talking about the MK3.

I think that they are becoming rarer, so fewer owners.

Mine is a 2.2 TDCI Ghia X and I am giving it some ST plastic.

I’ve already integrated a splitter at the front, which needed a bit of fabrication, as it was intended for the ST, which is different shape on the Ghia.
In fact I’ve had to fabricate and repair most of the second hand parts I’ve bought, namely rear bumper with opening for exhaust and final facelift side skirts. The ST front arches are about 5mm wider than on the Ghia !

Over the years, the car has been reliable, towed our 25 ft. Caravan with ease with plenty of long trips to Scotland.
I decided to keep it rather than get a newer car. It has got everything many new cars have not got. Full leather, climate control, auto windscreen wipers and lights, cruise control, electric seats, 2 din multi-changer stereo, the list goes on. There is no rust and considering its power and good looks, it fulfills all my criteria.

Once the body has been transformed, I will start on the engine, basically helping it become more efficient. Then the underside, floor, brakes, suspension etc., then interior !

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