Mods for my Fabia vrs

Wales, Bridgend
Skoda Fabia VRS
Hi guys.
Iv had my Fabia vrs about 3 months.
Looking to modify it quite a bit.
I'm looking for a dump valve for it atm anyone know where I can get one from, I've been looking everywhere.
Thanks guys
hey and welcome to the site mate.

ok your fabia is a diesel so dump valves arent required - its a waste of money if you want one fitted as its still going to sound like a diesel ;)

map should be your 1st port of call. exhaust next - well ok just get rid of the cat as it isnt needed ( bloody oil burners again ) this will allow better turbo spool. seems deleting the EGR valve helps performance a bit however it also means the inlet manifold isnt getting covered in gunk for the exhaust.

for maps look at the likes of Jabbasport, Revo, Custom code, chipped uk as these are all VAG tuners.
that should give you a decent start performance wise
Yea I know dumpys are pointless as such on a diesel. But I bloody love the sound of them.
But since I made this post, I've dicided that there are better things to spend my money on lol.
I've just put front Ebc Drilled and grooved disks and Red stuff bads on as I get disscount with them and im hopfuly getting it remaped next month so wanted a bit more stopping power.
I've been looking at the black box chips for the pd engine.
My mate who as a 110 bhp golf (who is also a mechanic like myself) has one on his car and dose a realy good job.
Anyone got one on there Fabia, if so hows it going?
Thanks guys.
Remap yeah definatly but if your planning on going further with the mods get ur remap once your done to get the mot from your car this way they can work with everything you hve vto get it bto its peak! this is something i have learnt had a remap now thinking of going another step. (Bigger turbo) but.dnt no so much about what to go for.
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