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Audi A8(D3) 3.0 TDi
Hi All (I'm New Here)

I recently purchased a pre-owned (as per headline)… it came with 19inch tires on.

I took it for a major service and was advised to replace brakes and discs (front & rear) and change the tires to either 17's or 18's.

Now I have ordered the following:
1. EBS Brake Kit upgrade; pads and rotors,
2. Wheels,
3. Tires 255/45R18

After I have installed all of it. The next step will be a stage 1 tune/map and downpipe.

Now, I still want to wrap it "matte dark charcoal", coat calipers yellow.

Then the rest of the exhaust pipe needs to be done and change the tips to the size of the new RS6.

Well...that's my thoughts of what I wanna do.

Any advise if mine is messed up and which alternative would you prescribe?

Thank you... I will accept all the help I can get.

Ps. I'm a novice.
My first question, beyond hello and welcome |B, you had 19in tyres and were told to replace with 18 or 17in tyres; Tyres or wheels?
I'm not massively au fair with diesel tuning, but whatever you are planning do leave the remap until last.
Sounds like a good plan, the 18's will ride so much better than the 19's. You've made the right choice there, the 17's look a bit small on the A8.

Remap and turbo upgrades are the best mods you can do on that engine, you might need new injectors/fuel pump if you go for lots more power, but the standard setup works really well on just a remap.
Thanks obi_waynne

My plan is just to go stage 1 and a downpipe as well with complete aftermarket exhaust system, wanting that RS6 type tailpipe tips.

Then some cosmetics, RS style grill, matte dark charcoal wrap, coat calipers yellow, etc.

The wheels I ordered, is RS5 style. taking these cosmetics in mind, you think I coat the wheels black gloss perhaps?
Matt black works really well on those wheels, if you don't like it you could always add a gloss coat afterwards.
I think I might follow your advise. First want to see how it looks after the wrap later on.

I was thinking to wrap it: matte dark charcoal and coat the calipers yellow.

Hi there, it's good to welcome another car enthusiast to the site. Enjoy it post loads and join in the banter.
Hey Guys

I fitted 4x 245 /40/18 Dunlop FM800 and RS5 style rims on my baby.

I also fitted a new set of EBC brake pads/rotors, front and rear.

Just see how she looks, pic attached.
Next week I will be having the downpipe and a new aftermarket exhaust system fitted.

I will be going for a 4-pipe design.
After that is fitted I will send some more pics and maybe a vid of how she growls.

Thank you gents.


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Looking very good there my friend. I look forward to seeing your updates, and thank you for sharing with us all.
@obi_waynne another update. Stage 1 Celtic tuning, downpipe and full exhaust system (quad pipe) done.

she is coming along nicely and purring.

any advise of things I need to consider before wrapping her, please?

thank you.


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Hello there, it's great to have you join us. We love reading your opinions and hearing about your experiences and the car is shaping up really nicely, thanks for sharing.

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