Modding a car or buying a finished project


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What are the pros and cons of buying a car and modding it yourself compared with buying someones finished project?

Surely you get good value from a second hand project but there is a massive risk that they are selling it because it doesn't work or they are fed up with the issues they have introduced?

What are your thoughts? Have you ever bought a finished project from someone?
Pros - A lot quicker and cheaper than building.
Only option if you don't have the necessary skills/tools/space/time/money.
Easier to resell as you haven't put any personal effort into it.

Cons - Reflected glory.
It will never be exactly how you would have built it.
A lot of modded cars are downright dangerous.
You often have no idea of the skill set of the builder.

Pros - It reflects your own sense of style, persona and expertise.
You get exactly what you want.
You can display the 'Built not Bought' sticker :)
Far more satisfying.

Cons - A lot more expensive and time consuming than buying.
Requires skill/tools and space.
Can be frustrating so many are sold on as abandoned projects.
Ooooo, risky. I can kill you but I don't think that I should (mainly because who would run the forum?)
Ooooo, risky. I can kill you but I don't think that I should (mainly because who would run the forum?)
And it would make a mess on the carpet.

I did say to a certain extent but hadn't considered those with psychopathic tendencies who might be reading this.
JMHO The positive thing is you will normally save a lot of money buying a finished product .
The negative thing is depending on the builders ability to do the build properly you may end up with a piece of junk that you end up having to rebuild to a quality unit at even more cost.

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