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your post was stuck in the moderation queue as it contained a link - you need ten posts to post links/pics etc.

not used them sorry, but what are the strange laws in the uk ?
the only issue in the uk for diesels is smoking as they are not emissions tested only smoke test.
if its been mapped properly then smoke shouldnt be too much of an issue
the only advantage i can see of this is ease of removal - to me this, along with your statement about strange laws, sounds like your after a way around the insurance. if it is PLEASE reconsider this.

as said i cant comment on the company themselves but if your looking for remapping get it done properly and not on a kiddy-back device. look towards Revo or custom code. both should have dealers closer to you. would also suggest Rtech, chipped uk ( they do a self tuning device which reads your standard map, email this off and you get your new maps back - slightly customised to you ) or jabbasport as these all specialise in VAG engines.
the 130 engine should see you around 170bhp and close to 300ftlb
hi, thanks for reply.

By strange laws I ment obsession with safety, emissions and other bull#!#!#!#!s by your government. I think you wouldn't pass MOT with decat exhaust and so on ;)

thanks for info. these external boxes are weird anyway. Revo is 5 miles from me. I try them then.

I don't have RS version of Fabia. Just normal one, family car for traveling. If i need sport car, there is an other car I would go for ;)

I have seen that many turbo engines get about 30% extra torque. That is all I need for traveling throught the scottish highlands.

thanks man
you will stuggle to pass a petrol with a decat, but diesels if maintained properly wont have a problem, as said they dont get emission tested.

sorry i thought it was the RS going by another question, the normal is still a PD version with 100 bhp, you should still see around 140bhp.

i really need to get back up north at some point, its been a while since i had a play on some good roads
RS and normal TDi PD 100BHP is almost identical. there is just bigger turbo and larger inlet manifold intake. not many RS around for reasonable price. you buy normal fabia and remap it. you get pseudo RS. I don't see any point in sport car just with FWD.

Skoda Motorport has built many rally cars. Fabia RS2000 is masterpiece. Once Skoda builds public version of successfull motorsport cars, VW lobby kicks in and there must be high performance cars only in VW and Audi ;) Thus poor Skoda who is behind most invention of VAG group must sell family cars :eek:)

Octavia WRS, 4WD beast, public version, screw up. Fabia even worst. Put FWD on high performance car is tragedy manufactured by VAG.
theres a few more differences than that between them but your right you can if you wish make them the same.
VW suffers the same , although its the parent company audi have to have the performance 1st as said they get the 4motion is 1.9 diesels and 18t petrols. VW only get the 4mo in the v6s - in the uk at least.
Let me tell you little secret about VAG cartel. VW, BMW, Skoda, Seat, Audi are all same cars just different batch and car body ;)

Maybe BMW and Audi is slightly different, but rest of cars exactly same. Seat is cheap Skoda, VW is expensive Skoda, Audi and BMW is bloody overpriced Skoda.

I used to make parts for Bosch and VAG group. It is just nice show for customers ;) Especially, further to the west.

VAG policy is sell performance cars by VW, AUdi and BMW. And family cars for rest of them. YOu wouldn't hear that Skoda motorsport designed MPI engines and most engines of VAG group.

If I would want performance car again. I would go for japanese cars. Cheap high performance beasts. German cars have so many useless things and don't focus on real aspects of car.

I have seen many guys with 4motion HALDEX differential. It doesn't work anyway :) it may be good for wet road, but that is all. Snow, offroad, you are stuck with HALDEX. Next problem with VW, Audi, they are designed for German Autobahns. NIce smooth tarmac like on racing circuit. BUy this car in UK and you will replace drivetrain so often that you get fed up. Next problem is salty island weather. It damages all and cars don't work.
BMW isnt part of the VAG group ? bently is however ;)

yeah i know what you mean. its the same getting parts i quite often look up the same parts from VW,Audi, Seat and Skoda - Etka set up properly gives them all whereas a poorly setup one only give VW audi - and the same part number from audi is more expensive than from skoda. shame some parts are only avalible from the appropriate dealers.

we agree on the haldex 4mo not being great compared to the proper quattro shame the only Vag car that i know about outside audi that got a proper 4 wheel drive was the passat w8.

the larger audis are different but thats about it.
octavia, leon, golf, bora, a3 and TT are all the same underneath bar some better parts in some - seats have better bushes in the back, audis have better ones in the front.
A4 and passat are the same
fabia, ibiza, polo and the new audi a1 are the same.
BMW is part of group unofficially. And Porsche will join VW cartel this year. Skoda co-operates with VW since dawn of men :) officially 5 years ago or so. we are just slaves of germans in czech republic ;)

original quattro system introduced in rally was as good as subaru awd. but, they screwed it up by electroinc and proactive systems. how the hell can computer tell where you drive ;) simple mechanic and physic laws work best.
Porche is already part of the group as of last year. made VW the richest company in the world for a few hours

full group is something like
Volkswagen Commercial
MAN - part owned not sure how much
Suzuki (19.9%) - purchased not that long ago

the BMW slight partnership might be from the bentley as BMW used to own it for a while. along with BMW own the company for Rolls Royce however VW own the name
that is problem with VW cars. They are rubbish now because they focus on so many cars that they cannot make any of them right.

I still wonder they still fund Skoda Motorsport. Skoda is possibly only one who makes money for VAG now. At least last few years. Who wnats overpriced Golfs? Golfs are not good anymore. What a shame. VW is involved only in Dakar rally I believe. Carlos Sainz is one of their drivers. Otherwise, they are not involved in rally anymore. Audi is involved in DTM.
yeah they seem to be going the same way as other companies as they want to produce the most amount of cars in the world. there wasnt much between the group last year and toyota. hense the reason for the purchase of suziki

overpriced golf ! hardly i speced a golf r20 when they came out haha the S3 was a good £5k cheaper for similar equipment and the seat was even cheaper and lighter (no haldex )

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