Mk4 1.8 T gear problems


Hi Guys,

I have just bought a Mk4 golf 1.8 T... just my luck I have had her less than a week and now I'm having problems..

Everything was fine until this evening when I did a short 5 mile journey, gear selection seemed a little sloppy but thought it could have been me and didn't think too much about it.

Got home and reversed into the parking space all ok.. I was quite close to the car in front so went to select reverse and when I went to move the car pulled forward, again thought it was me so put it in first and edged forward no problem, reverse again still moving forward - also no matter which gear I select I can move the gear stick pretty much anywhere without taking it out of gear..

I haven't had any signs or noises indicating a clutch or gearbox problem so i'm thinking something to do with the selector???

Can anyone please point me in the best place to start looking?

Thanks in advance

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Check the gearchange rods on the top of the gearbox. If someone inside the car moves the gearstick into gear, then these rods should be moving, if not it will probably just be the selector, if they do move then they either need adjusting or the gearbox is where the problem lies.
Managed to get it fixed today... had a look under the bonnet and one of the cables was dancing around under its own free will :)

There is a plastic bracket at the end of the cables and it had basically snapped in half. Drove over to VW (in 3rd and 5th only) and picked up a replacement for 13 quid - 5 mins later it was all sorted :)

Phew.. I have only had the car 5 days and was starting to think it may have been a bad idea!!!

She is sweet though... fully kitted out with Oettinger body kit, exhaust etc.. remapped to approx 230, so far I'm happy, even happier now I'm not replacing gearboxes!!

We'll done. Glad it's all sorted. I wonder why they use plastic parts in such critical areas. I had a plastic bit of a clutch cable that kept going on my Rover! It was a nightmare.
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