Mk3 Seat Ibiza Chill 1.4

I've been signed up a while but not got round to showing off my beast (yeah right) anyway here she is:





Mods so far:

Carbon Fibre Rear Veiw

Carbon Fibre Badge

Seat Tax Disc Holder

Fitted Car Mats (yes they need a clean)


Also fitted stubby aerial, LED side lights, LED Number plate lights, LED map light and LED boot light

And this:



If I can afford to I'd like coilovers, and rear spacers...but we'll see...

Thats all for now anyway :)
Your post got stuck in the moderation queue as you require 10 posts before you can upload pics or links. I've approved it for you this time mate.;)
Have a wander round an you'll soon hit 10. :)
I frequent a few other forums, and have just seen an identical car SLAMMED :) guess who's saving for coilies now ;)
They are good looking cars IMO, but my humble 1.4 is nowhere near as fun as my mates 1.8T Stage 1 lowered beast ;)
I did go through a carbon-fibre phase yes :D I also have Halfords Carbon Fibre digits on my number plate too...:)
Haha Jimmy doesn't do forums...Nick, maybe though...

Yeah I've done all I want to do C/f wise, now I just want a new car :D with more power...
Haha...well, it would all depend on 20 its a bit steep so thats gonna have a massive bearing...also waynne i was 50% successful (as expected); Nick's on forum now :) was just a little meeting with a bus and a pickup...and my car in the middle :S nothing to worry about lol
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