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Right.. I just turned 20 and I have 2 years no claims next month. I was just offered a mk3 Golf Gti 2litre for a very good price. So I had a shop around for insurance on comparethemarket. I was quoted £1600 as the cheapest. So I rang Adrian Flux who I am currently with and they offered me £1232. Anyone know any other insurance companys because alot of people wont touch me because I am not 21

Plus. Is there any issues to look out for on a mk3?
It seems a pretty clean car for high mileage
The quote from Adrian Flux sounds fair enough. Sky Insurance might be worth a shot as well. Nothing in particular needs checking except the usual as far as know. If I was you, I'd go for it.
sky insurance will probably be close to AF as they are more or less the same company and iirc give funny uotes if your with one of them and try the other
Basically.. I have been offered a N(96) reg mk3 Golf in white for 250quid. Well.. It needs a new battery, Front passenger coil which he has there to fit, mot and tax. The tyres on the car are sound. interior is tidy, Dosnt seem to have much rust around the lower door which is prone to it. Seems a bargain.. Fingers crossed there is no major mechanical problems with it I have not discovered yet
But yeah. I am paying 1.2k 3rd party f&t for my 1.3 polo.. So 1 extra years no claims and a year older and getting a quote for the same price on a 2litre golf is awesome. Just have to wait 3 weeks untill the guy comes back off holiday now to get a proper viewing
Im pretty sure it is the 8v, yes alot of people slate the 8v for not being worthy of having a gti badge but I dont think I would be able to get insurance on a 16v alot of insurers wont touch me because I am not 21
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