Mk3 - do anti-roll bars or strut braces help? Also performance help please


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Finally found a job and hoping to start work on my GTi 16v soon.

First thing will be silicone pipes for coolant and air (and possibly the new samco fuel grade stuff) because I am losing coolant every 3 4 months.

In terms of performance, I am looking to gain 50bhp, preferably with low rev grunt improved - I hate having to gun it to get the lump moving all the time. Have been pointed toward full exhaust, panel filter, port&polished head, bigger valves and gas flowed throttle body, and port matching the inlet manifold.

Also been recommended a revo remap - but they don't seem to do anything for my car.

Can anyone recommend any other decent gains to be had. Don't think the above will produce 50bhp.

Secondly, the car wallows a bit, but it's stock so no real wonder. Want to drop it on coilovers.
Q1. so many companies - all similar prices - some must be better than others. Any informed recommendations?
Q2. What is the lowest I should go bearing in mind it is a daily, and I want to fit 18" or 19" on it?

also - i don't like my brakes. can anyone recommend sizes and companies? I don't want to turn stop start traffic into a nightmare, but want some serious stop.

Lastly - will strut bracing or fitting anti-roll bar/s make much of a difference to handling?

Thanks for reading guys.
ok cant help on the power front other than suggest a new cam as well as its missing off your list,

suspension - kw are some of the best but can be pricey (AP and weitec are sister brands and slightly cheaper)
low - ow low do you want to go ? are you wanting it for looks or for handling? if your going for handling go for decent suspension and dont bother with a huge drop. looks massive drop but some kits will alow you around 100mm drops for not much more than a couple of hundred

does the 16v have the same setup as the VR ? im certain that the porchse setup im on can fit the VR mk3

fitting both front and rear makes a massive difference to the handling.
Thanks PG.

More handling than looks, though I would like a small drop for style. Much more interested in the handling.

When you ask about VR setup are you talking about brakes or suspension? Brakes are different I think. Suspension; couldn't tell you.

And when you say fitting front and rear do you mean strut braces?

Thanks again man. Finally able to +rep you again!
was talking about the brakes when asking about the VR, got a feeling that the VR and bigger mk4 use the same hub. - will load up etka later if i have time and check.
front and rear anti roll bars, sorry mate.
fitting a strut brace can cause more understeer by tightening up the front so would be best to fit along with the roll bars.

as its for handling around 40-50mm will be max for handling also worth looking to see what condition the bushes are in abd possible replacing them as well,
that and good tyres ;)
Thanks mate. Yeah was looking at powerflex bushes. Nothing but good reports.

Also lookingat VF engine mounts, but if I'm replacing bushes anyway that will get silly expensive - especially with two anti-roll bars to incorporate.

Places like Venom have loads of differnet brake makers, but I don't know which will be best or if discs - whether vented drilled or combi are much of a muchness. Same with pads. Guess I will just read up some more.
VR6 brakes will bolt onto 16v hubs iirc, if not only a case of swapping hubs over.
if you fit the VR 288mm set up, stock discs and pads will be fine ( get these from GSF for decent prices)

as for suspension, forget coilies unless you want to spend £500 plus on em.
For £350 you will get a very good set of shocks and springs that will out perform the coilies in every way.

As for getting another 50bhp out of the ABF, how deep are your pockets? they'll need to be quite deep to take another 50bhp out of it. My best mate has a mk1 with an ABF lump which has had all of the above done, along with uprated pistons, rods, lightened and balanced crank, flywheel and all pulleys. He is running bike carbs on Megajolt management and has 201 bhp atw. 237bhp at the fly.

And i do have to ask this, you want performance, yet your going to fit 18 or 19" wheels????

16's are best for handling on a mk3 (well, pretty much any 90's vw tbh) 18s will ride like crap, acceleration will be affected, and will need LOTS of arch work to fit.

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