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Focus Fiesta Mk3
Hi Everybody,

I own an M Reg Fiesta (pretty old) but I have found that my headlights in dipped setting create very low illumination. I have changed the dipped bulbs for some bright ones from Halfords (50%) still it is very dim.
Is this due to the age of the car?
Do I need replacing the headlights to a newer one from a scrap yard?

Thanks for reading and any advice would be welcome.
Sorry for the noob question.
Greetings and Welcome to TorqueCars My Friend! :)

I would be inclined to check the earthing to the lights first. Find out which one is the actual earth cable that goes to the lamp holder. Carefully remove a small piece of insulation from it (not cutting through the cable) and temporarily wrap another piece of cable onto the exposed copper conductor tightly and wrap some insulating tape around it for safety, Then attach the new piece of cable directly to the earth terminal on the battery and switch on the lights and see if there is a difference in brightness. If there is then you have found the problem. If this does not change anything then try the opposite technique but with the positive cable instead. For super safety use an inline fuse in the cable (buy this from Halfords or car accessory shop) rated to the same rating as what ever is in the fuse box for the head lights. Good luck.

Oh! before you do any of this, please check that you have not made a school boy error and bought 24 volt truck version lamps by mistake. Someone I know done this once because some clown put them on the 12volt stack on the shelf because they were to lazy to put it back where it came from.
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Thanks for the detailed explanation mate, I will check this and see if it is the problem. What shall I do if it isn't the problem?

The bulbs are 5W (standard from haynes manual)ones from Halfords but I will double check the packagiing for errors. :lol:
5 watt? are we at cross purposes here, have you actually been referring to your sidelights. Headlights are usually 55watt plus, I think you need to double check what lights you are actually talking about and get back to us. ;)
Yes, I think I have confused the issue by not been clear. Apologies mate. (you can tell I'm a noob at this)
Yes I'm reffering to the the side lights :embarrest:
My main lights (full beam) are working fine. But I cannot drive with them on, so I have to use the side lights and they are very poor (only have 2 settings)
Any solutions?
The side lights are generally dim anyway! So starting from the brightest backwards, you have full beam, dipped headlights, side lights! Do your headlights actually work? high powered Side lights are available in LED versions from these people: Just punch in your car details and click on LED and the compatibility list will appear with the power rating. If in any doubt give them a call for some free friendly helpful advice. :)

Just a thought, maybe your dipped headlights are activated in some other way, you might have to pull a separate knob or twist it. If at all possible consult your manual or pop down to your nearest Ford dealer for clarification.
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Thanks for the info mate, I'll check the website up.
I have full beam, side lights..thats it. Is that even normal? or even street legal?
Thanks for the info mate, I'll check the website up.
I have full beam, side lights..thats it. Is that even normal? or even street legal?

No it's not normal, and you are definitely missing your headlights. Try all light switches and check all the fuses just in case. Don't worry about being a noob and asking silly questions either mate! I am coming up to two years on this website and I still know absolutely nothing compared to some of the diehard enthusiasts on here! :bigsmile:
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Found out, that I do have a dipped light switch, but its really awkward way to turn it on.:embarrest:

Thanks for all your help mate.

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