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MK2 Golf 8V GTI
hello everyone

i'm looking at fitting a turbo to my KR engine and wanted to know if anyone on here has done this before?

I'd planned to use the G60 ECU/Loom, but there's not a large amount knocking around so it looks like i'll be going down the emerald route or something simliar. Not too sure where to take the oil feed from and return, also been told to try and use a 1.8t inlet manifold over my stock 16v one to stop head bleeding over.

any help/tips would be great
Charging a KR is simple enough, and gives very good gains.

First things first your going to want to lower the compression, if your doing this on a sensible budget ( a friend of mine has just built a supercharged ABF engine, at a cost of £4270!) id recommend the 2.0 GTI 8v bottom end from a mk3 golf ( engine code AGG/ADY) This will bring the compression down to good levels for a turbo conversion and the 8v bottom ends have been known to take in excess of 300bhp+ in standard form!

As for management, using a G60 setup is all well and good, but the chip will need a complete custom reprogramming to work effectively with the Turbo. This can be costly, as its not as simple as plugging in a computer and reprogramming the ecu whilst its on a dyno, only somewhere REALLY geared up will be able to do it in that way.
Personally i would go for DASTEK or DTA management. My first recommendation for tuning it would be to talk to Waynne at Chipwizards in Bolton. Really top bloke and very very capable, he is used by LOTS of racing teams for their cars, as well as building his own bike engined suzuki cappaccino race car, and being the guy that did all the research and development for Ariel for the Atom supercars.

1.8T inlet isnt a straight fit, you need to remove the plenum, and have this welded to the 16v inlet runners. works fantastically though.

As for oil return you can just tap this into the Sump, feed im not 100% on but id recon on being able to T piece at the pressure sender on top of the filter housing.


just one other thing, the KO3S or KO4 turbo's would be a good bet for this conversion, depends how lairy you want it to be!
well i'd planned to go down the decompression plate route for lowering my compression to 9:1, I know it's not the best way to do it but I heard you can use the 8v bottom from the MK3's to do the same job

but don't some things have to be changed over, like the crankshaft etc..?

thanks for all the info though, has given me something to think about with the ECU
8v bottom end with 16v head is a proven way to lower the compression. and nothing has to be swapped internally. You would only want to be swapping the crank etc to increase the stroke of the block, but tbh theres no need.

Stacked head gaskets can be used to good effect, i know of a guy on clubgti running an ABF turbo using megasquirt, who hit 316bhp! But then he was also using 2E rods( from 2.0 8v block)
ah, so really the 8v bottom end is really the way to go then, I was having a look around as well and the 2.0 bottom ends are stupidly cheap.

last question... because you seem well up on this and it's the only other thing I was looking up, the down pipe, do you know any that will fit or am i looking at fabricating one?
Everyone i know who has done similar conversions has had theirs made or made it themselves fella. shouldnt be too expensive though if you find a fabrication place thats not directly involved in cars as they will only charge you for the actual work involved, not charge you for what your going to get out of it!
sweet, i'll cross that bridge then when I come to it... or get a lot closer than I am lol, nice one for all the help

no doubt i'll be back at some other point once i've started to do the conversion, looks like it will possibly be going into a Corrado now rather than a Golf
yea, I like the idea of a 16vT Corrado, debating either a front mounted intercooler or finding one of the original G60 ones that sit behind the wheel arch so it's hidden
yea, I like the idea of a 16vT Corrado, debating either a front mounted intercooler or finding one of the original G60 ones that sit behind the wheel arch so it's hidden

If you do get an original G60 intercooler, is the fresh air supply already taken care off or will you have to put in a ducting system for it?
I don't know you know, I was looking at just the intercoolers but if I could get the air supply ducts as well then all the better
G60 cooler is ok , but in all honesty you'd be much better with with a generic front mount.

most well mapped 16vT's hit 250bhp, which the standard i/c will not be working efficiently at.

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