Miss firing or something


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sfx coupe 2.0lt
Hey guys , well where do I start .
I have got a 1997 Hyundai coupe 2.0lt beta
The problem is when I put my foot done it sort of miss fires and splatters
so I changed the plugs, leads,fuel filter and then I got a new coil pack.
Which after each one did inprove but still have the miss fire every now and then..
I went on a long trip on Monday and it was fine at the start then it would miss fire and spatter at 110 kms p/h just for a bit then fine and then it would do it again..
But now it does it when I take off fast but if I drive like a granny it is all fine..
Im a bit out of ideas on what next to check
any help would be great
Have you tried cleaning the air flow meter and is the o2 sensor giving accurate readings?
most of the stuff you did pay attention to would have turned on your service engine light though? Did you have one on at any time? I would look at your intake and exhaust for leaks...
dirty MAF would probably cause other codes though. easy enough to clean that and the throttle body... emissions system cleaning wouldn't hurt either...
My mustang did that awhile back, i did the same, plugs changed, plug wires, fuel filter, etc.....turns out I had a loose connector on one of my injectors, plugged it back in and ran fine. My only regret, I didn't find it a friend of mine did:p

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