Mishimoto Universal Intercoolers


Track Warrior
Saw these guys advertised in this month's edition of Fast Car... I know, I know, I'm a chav and old enough to know better but it makes me smile.

Anyway, it got me wondering... can you have a universal intercooler? And would it be any good?

If you could, and they would, isn't <£200 a bit on the cheap side?
Of course you can have universal intercoolers and they may well work better than the OEM version.

These will be fine for the 'bolt-on' tuner as they will work well with his/her K&N filter and cat back 4" exhaust.

You get what you pay for.
I know toyo make cheap intercoolers universal and by make. I haven't heard a bad word said about them and people are getting good results from them they maybe worth a go;)
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