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hi all,
i may sound a litte crazy here, but i had a thought of restoring my stepdads old merc, its a beautiful car housing a 3.0ltr straight 6 with 175bhp, now i want to respray the car get it looking new but had this crazy idea of banging on a supercharger. (regardless of cost has its just an idea at this stage)
if i was to go ahead with this idea what things should i look out for and is there any off the shelf superchargers i can get for this model.
my other query was would it be better to install a turbo/twin or go for the supercharger.
any ideas and advice will be helpful
mercades used (maybe still do ) the eaton superchargers as found in the BMX Maxi Cooper S. if your lucy you could pick up the supercharger for a couple of hundred.
remove the aircon and fit it in place of that.

think it runs pretty low boost around 6psi so you should be alright with standard internals
make sure you put in a blow off valve of some sort ad depending on how the fueling is worked you may need to have a custom map made for it

turbo charging is just the same really. although you will need to fabrcate the exhaust to house it. so will work out more expensive.
twin turbo not worth it for the hassle and amount of boost you will be running

if you want to up the boost then you will need to look at stripping the engine and rebuilding it stronger


Welcome to the site as well mate
thanks for the welcome and your advice,
i think if it was to go ahead i would strip the engine down give it a good clean and prob while im at it change/upgrade some of the internals.
im gonna do a bit more research than i may be a bit more serious about it.
thanks again for your reply

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