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1990 BMW 325i
Afternoon Folks!

I recently picked up a 1990 BMW 325i. Not real sure of the exact mileage, both the odometer and the trip odometer aren't working, they stopped at 123K miles.

The engine seems to be in good shape, not sure if the timing belt/chain have been replaced, so that is tops on the list of what needs to be done. Several questions though,

Is is worth it to put a chip in to grab a few more HP?

What about moving from regular to synthetic oil?

Does anyone have any suggestions that might go on the Need To Do List or the Would Like To Do List?

hey and welcome to the madhouse mate.
least your having the sense to get the cam belt/chain changed
wouldnt bother with a chip until last and getting the map custom written to take into account other mods that you might do to the engine before hand such as CAI, cams, throttle body and intake manifold, exhaust, etc.

prob better in this case to stick to semi synthetic oil. the higher milage may give issues with the, in most cases, thinner fully syth oil
I figured doing anything else first might just be a waste of time especially if I get stranded somewhere due to the timing belt breaking.

I had the same thoughts about the synthetic. It's nice, but would probably leave a mess in my driveway.

I never even thought of the oil slipping into the oilways. thanks for that info! I had heard from a friend that owns a newer BMW that people have problems with the synthetic oil leaking out from those little "hidden" places that are on cars with higher mileage though.

I'm not sure if it's a belt or a chain. Regardless, it's going to get changed just to satisfy me (and the engine).

Earlier you had said something about not doing a chip until all of the other mods are done. I don't have any plans to do any other mods to the engine unless putting in a new chip would require it. I'm trying to keep it as original as possible with a few exceptions such as new brake calipers/rotors, changing out the seats possibly. I've been looking at some different ones, but still haven't made any decisions. I'm open to suggestions though!

with the chip your only looking at getting maybe 10bhp, dont know the beemer engines well but i think you can fit parts off the bigger engines, dont think the M3 - cams, inlet manifold so your still using BMW parts. the custom chip would allow you to gain the most from the engine so could accuire a few more ponies over the generic maps.
Hmmm, just 10? Might not be worth it. I don't drive it like I'm on the autobahn or 19 years old, so the extra hp really isn't necessary, just nice to have.

Off to ebay I go!

Thanks again!

when on ebay stay away from all the "chips" on there that claim up to 30% more power. these are no more than just a resister in hot glue. this causes the ECU to sense more colder air, or holds the choke on to make the engine run rich

I've learned to stay away from anything electronic on ebay. Fortunately, I learned by someone else's mistakes.

I take it "Superchips" is a reputable place?

Supervhips have a good product and I've heard a lot of good things about them. They were as far as I know one of the earliest aftermarket mappers.
Sounds like they've got some good experience. I'm sure when I get to that point, I'll be taking a good look at what they've got to offer.

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