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Meet other RX8 Owneres - introduce yourself in here. First question, are the suicide doors as practicle as they look? Are there any weak spots that should be looked at when buying one?
i was told that when i brought my rx8 that if you drive it only a short distance you have to rev the engine to 4ooo for 10 sec till the temp gauge gets to the middle or the engine will flood and it has to then be fixed by mazda, :?
What interior have you got in your RX8? Welcome to Torquecars as well and I hope to meet you at the show.
Your interior is nice - I know that the seats are very supportive and comfortable. I saw a black and red leather interior in a TT which looked really nice, but when your recovering a seat you can choose whatever colour takes your fancy. Have you done any modifications to your RX8 yet?
not as yet apart from having the black plastic trim colour coded ,i only got the car about two weeks ago, but im sure things will happen soon enough :lol:
hey, new here to the forum :) i own a mazda rx8 kuro limited edition, with stone grey leather interior, xs power catback exhaust with a toyosport decat pipe and a goki stainless manifold :D (sounds amazing with the addition of flames too :p ) also have motec rims 18"x9" rear and 18"x8" fronts, only set in uk atm, k&n panel filter, tpi wheel bolts, many more mods to come :D

wel i thought id share what i have done so far :)

hope you guys are well

look to hear from you soon :)

i owned a rx8 a few years ago i never had any problems with it.
was a very nice and smooth car and went sideways very easily.
only things to worry me was fuel cost as it was a daily car full tank at £60 only got 220 miles driving slow.
i did put a aem cold air feed and mij performance cat back exhaust sounded like nothing ive ever heard
yeh they are certainly one of a kind, one of the best sounding cars ever, apart from scoobs a v engines, just amazing as they rev sooo high :)

next mods for mine are coilovers and induction(if i can fid the aem one)

and far future turbo conversion i hope :)
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