Mazda mx-5 Paintwork


kettering northants
masda mx5 1600 1992
Hi, I am new to this - I have mx5 1992 1600 SE BLACK, boght few weeks back and I need to get this car to its best. Are there any one in NN15 area who can help....
My main problem is getting the paint work to high stansard..
thanks Ranjit
moved to a new thead mate.

have you tried spending some time with the polish,and i do mean some real time couple of hours at least after you have giving the car a good soap and rinsh to remove all the wax

took me around 2 and a half hours to do this to the wifes car. that was with a good couple of months worth of crud on top, paintwork looked really dull.
washed it all down, rubbed down with polish and a couple of coats of wax to finish
get some autoglym paint renovator on it then hit it with a few coata of good quality wax (meguires gold class or similar), will cost you a lot less than a respray and you will be amazed at the results after a few hours of graft

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