mazda 323



i was wondering if any one could help me with this i am loooking to get a mazda 323, i would like it to be 1.6 turbo and 4x4, but this modle in this contry i can only find in 1989 but i would like to know if this engine in the 1994 shape is about any were thanks for any info.

i am looking fot this engine as its insurants groupe 14 witch i can insure

I was briefly looking at these cars myself. I had trouble finding one at this age - you can get them via import - so it might be worth going through an import broker and seeing what is about. Have you looked at the Rover 220 GSi - same engine as the GTi and 2 insurance groups lower! The handling and performance of these cars is quite good - check out the figures.
got myself a 95 mazda 323 a week ago! not a bad car tbh! got the car modified but im going to do my own thing with it :p

Is it a turbo version?
The 4x4 turbo Mazda 323 is very very rare in the Uk.
I remember a friend having one that needed an engine. Took him over 2 years to find an engine.;)
just a 1.3 but is pretty quick ya wouldnt think it to c but would eat most 1.3`s and some 1.4 engines no kidding btw the way lol ! i would love to have a turbo on my car would be immense lol

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