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United Kingdom
Mazda 2 Sport 2010
I recently purchased a 2010 Mazda 2 sport (1.5) and i cannot seem to find any brand recommendations for induction kits that fit the Mazda 2 in the UK. Also, should i get short ram intake or cold air intake? Cheers, Adam.
Hi and welcome |B
IMO I would leave the induction alone as the makers have almost certainly got it right and if you mount a pod filter in the engine bay you will be getting HOTTER air drawn into the motor which will almost certainly LOWER the power output somewhat.
I have a k&n intake. Bought one because it was on sale at 4wheelonline. Didn't notice a huge HP gain but I like the improved sound and throttle response.
Rolling road dyno test before and after any modification is the only way to get an accurate answer as to weather there is any measurable power increase IMO.

It would seem from your liking "the improved sound" that you have fitted a pod filter and not a panel filter in the factory air-box.
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Unless you've done lots of mods and dramatically increased the engine power you'll not gain much from an induction kit, the standard airbox on these flows really well up to a gain of around 20% more power.

A fast road cam will make a pretty gain on these engines, along with some head work, so if you are looking for more power they are the areas I would focus on first.

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