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S'alright. Feels proper weird after driving the GT everywhere for so long. When I first got in it the gearstick throw seemed MASSIVE and reet sloppy because I'm used to my short-shifter. It feels proper slow atm too :lol: Steering though is beautifully weighted, has the best steering of any car I've ever driven. Comortable and has that "big car" feel, dead quiet and refined.

60mpg, £35 a year tax and cheap insurance isn't too bad either. Half-leathers, A/C, alloys, electric everything blah blah.
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Yep because the emissions are so low. The short-shifter was quite expensive for what it is but it's so much better than standard imo. I think it was about £90 delivered, and fits all Mk6's. Took about 5 minutes to fit.
The short-shifter you mean? Assuming the ST gearbox is the same or simular....

1. Unclip the plastic cover at the front of the gearbox. The linkage is under here as seen in my picture.

2. Pull the linkage off, place the short-shifter onto the original shaft and tighten up the grub screw to keep it in place.

3. Pop the original linkage back onto the short-shifter, then pop the plastic cover back on and you're done!
Not to be confused with "quick-shift" I presume? Keeps the gears in the same place just really small movements to get into each gear correct?

Thanks for the guidance mate.
Same thing by a different name I think fella. Yeah the gears are in the same place, just shortens the throw.

As for the spacers, yours is discs on the back so it won't be the same as mine but basically they go behind the whole rear hub directly onto the rear axle. Very easy to fit on mine; wheel off, drill out a couple of rivets, drum off, place axle spacers then refit everything. For yours you'll have to unbolt the calipers, take off the discs and guards, remove the hubs then fit the spacers and refit everything. Still a pretty straight-forward job!
Big stoppers:


From a Mk3 Mondeo, 300mm discs. Only cheapy discs and pads at the moment as it was virtually no cheaper to get them without discs and pads. Bloody heavy calipers though, not good for unsprung weight but should add a massive braking brucey bonus, plus they'll look ace all squeezed up inside the standard 16" alloys. Single piston too but at a quarter of the price of a Wilwood setup, I can't complain!

Card for size comparison purposes.
Whole rear beam from an ST is needed. Eventually yes. If I come across one I'll nab it. Just going to paint the drums black for now.

Completely forgot I need 3mm spacers to squeeze the calipers under standard wheels. Just ordered some but they won't be here until monday at the earliest.

Going to see if I can get my BMC CDA to fit too.
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Might be a good idea, but isn't it too small though (bmc)

I thought the whole beam is required,

I need a gti6 beam for mine but they ate getting hard to come by now though
Thought I'd do a bit of an economy run with the tank of fuel. Got to work and was very impressed with a combined result of:


But then after pulling up on the drive after work:


100% genuine driving, mix of town and motorway leaving engine idling at lights rather than turning it off. Read it and weep sucka's! That's over about 80 miles btw.
No that's the old one lol. When I took the glovebox out I found two CD's and the previous owners logbook underneath it! The owner or the dealer must've considered it lost and got a new one through. Very recent albums too, Biffy Clyro and something else haha.

Very observant though.
The old Zetractor hasn't been completely neglected whilst I've had to Focus. Even though it's proper filth now I fully detailed it sometime in the summer:



Dodo Juice Purple haze really brings out the metallic in the Panther Black and beads well too!


Gave her an oil and filter change too plus cleaned out the BMC and topped up the water. Also, being well and truly fed up of the GOD AWFUL standard brakes I decided to finally put those Mondeo calipers and 300mm ST170 discs to good use today.







Bled a little fluid through but will do a complete flush when I get round to it. Only have cheap Unipart pads in atm but the braking is much much improved so I am velly happy man.

Oh yes and I ordered some Eibach "extra low" springs last night. -45mm front and rear.
Pro-kit or sport line?

They are very good springs, Bilstien pair them with there B8 dampers/shocks now rather than the cheapo APEX springs....

Looks good now mate, ST rear beam is needed though next.
Too much effort that for sod all performance gain tbh dude. Eibach Pro-Kit they are a special development between Eibach and Rude Racing to offer a slightly lower drop than the Ford approved Eibach items. By all accounts standard ride quality is still maintained.

I need a front strut brace after that then wheels refurbished and I'll be happy.
More effort than it's worth! I'd have to find one, buy it, go and pick it up then fit it, FML!

I do want ST sideskirts though, looks nekid without any. Keeping my eyes open for a Panther Black pair so I can get away without buying new/getting some sprayed.
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