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S'alright. Feels proper weird after driving the GT everywhere for so long. When I first got in it the gearstick throw seemed MASSIVE and reet sloppy because I'm used to my short-shifter. It feels proper slow atm too :lol: Steering though is beautifully weighted, has the best steering of any car I've ever driven. Comortable and has that "big car" feel, dead quiet and refined.

60mpg, £35 a year tax and cheap insurance isn't too bad either. Half-leathers, A/C, alloys, electric everything blah blah.
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whats wrong with the intake i can only see 6 bends before the intercooler in that pic lol

so what a couple of weeks before you get board and start looking at it ?
:lol: Shocking isn't it PG, you should see the bottom boost pipe! Get a pic up next time I'm under the bonnet. I think I'm trying to squeeze performance out of it because it feels a bit lifeless, think I'll be okay when it's remapped.

Dropped in a BMC panel filter:


Much to my surprise the car now revs slightly (but noticably) more freely and is a tad more responsive. Win! Whereas the old filter just sort of "sits" in, you have to give this one a good wedge into the airbox, no doubt helping force air through the filter rather than around the edges resulting in both better air flow and filtration. That's what I'm theorising anyway, tis only an air filter LOL.
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Bwaaaarp REMAP! Had a little remappin sesh at my gaff on Wednesday evening thanks fo Rob in the Raaaaange Sport. Mapped the Fiesta, a Leon and was due to map the A4 but something went amiss!


Fiesta being mapped:


I arranged for "Dave's" Ice Cream van to come down and everything ;)


Cheeky bear on my mates 1.9 103bhp Leon workhorse:


What Rob could have for indicators (after mapping all these cars!) instead of those big awful orange things :lol:


Not able to do the Audi that night because of coding on the ECU, details need to be sent to Spain apparently, Rob knows more on the matter.


All in all the process took about an hour IIRC for the two cars and Audi attempt. The difference in the mapped cars is massive, I'm well chuffed but my mate was completely over the moon with his Leon. Came back from a spin with a big grin on his face. Only noticed he forgot to put his handbrake on when the car started rolling down the road :lol::lol::lol:
:p Somewhere in the region of 80 million bhp I think. Don't get me wrong, it's no torque steering monster and still feels slow compared to the GT however it has a big pull that just wasn't there before. It pulls more cleanly and smoothly right to the redline too (I know, not much need to rev a diesel so high, just saying) wheras as before it was just one big flat spot past 2500rpm!
Fiesta will have gone from ~ 88bhp/148lb-ft to 115bhp/205lb-ft
Leon will have gone from ~ 103bhp/173lb-ft to 160bhp/270lb-ft

The Leon will have a torque limiter in first gear to stop it eating the factory clutch due to the monumental gains to be had on this engine.
it looks about the same kinda size as the one i got on my car, but mine runs out of poof at about 150 ish, I ain't running that though, lol

but still i guess you won't want to go too mad cause it's your daily driver

maybe though an upgrade isn't out of the question?
Hello! Neglected this baddy due to being so busy but I'm back on it now. Full clean inside today and greased the noisy clutch pedal spring (common problem) plus replaced the brake light bulbs as one of them had gone.

Few nice goodies on order now so expect an update soon.

Oh yes, needs tax at the end of the month....where will I find the £30 for twelve months!!!??? :D :D
nice little fiesta there ma.
my mam is trading in her golf 1.9 td for fiesta diesel. wont be doing any mods on hers though lol.

Lol everybody including your mum would benefit from a cheeky remap.

Ordered a front strut brace, B & M short shifter and a couple of other bits and pieces I've forgotton lol.
Few subtle little styling touches just to improve the overall look:

Melt glue on the cap, pull off, cut down the aerial and then replace cap. Cheap but effective and much better than a Halfords beesting special.



I also replaced that dodgy ribbed condom gear gaitor for a leather one and de-tangoed the headlights by smashing out the filter on the indicators and replacing the bulbs for silver ones that flash orange.






Just goes to show you don't have to spend a fortune to make a few subtle but effective changes.
Chairs. Still wating for some goodies.

Should be going on nights for a few days soon, make some hench progress hopefully. There's plenty needs doing to the engine before it goes in the Punto (changing manifolds, finishing mounts etc etc). Any news on that genny Jenny?
My Dad did that with my classic gold, Super Tuff Burner BMX. I went to visit him & I mentioned I wanted to take the BMX home with me & he said he's given it to a charity shop, I was mortified! :lol:
No problem mate, I guess it's because since he bought it new he's used it twice, and one of those times was to test it, lol

Of course anything with an engine as soon as you get it home you feel compelled to start it up for no apparent reason...
Yes chief! All the Zetec-S boys rave about them. Meant to be the best handling upgrade for the money (only £27 del.) Only ally too so they're nice and light.
They are OE Ford, on some Ford as standard I'd imagine. Much as the Racing Puma's 20.5mm (a side) spacers from the factory, which you can also buy. Just found out they're on the SportKa as standard apparently.
B&M shortshifter fitted. WOW it's miles better than standard, less flobbery and 2nd gear isn't three miles away now.


Fail of epic proportions fitting the axle spacers as I took the wheel and drum off the one side then realised I needed a drill to drill out a couple of rivets out. Only I leant that out to a mate a couple of days ago so that's abandoned until I get it back (tomorrow hopefully).

Treated her to a full tank of V-Power diesel instead just to give everything a good clean internally, much to my surprise you can feel the difference though, so I might just carry on using V-Power from now on for only an extra couple of quid a tank.
so get too it cheif !!!!!!!! lmao

Already done, been or a drive, showered and about to eat :bigsmile:

Marked improvement. Definately less body roll (not that there was a huge amount anyway) and feels a lot more stable round corners and islands. Need some big sweeping corners really to put them to the test properly.

There's the little bleeder:






Driver side done, passenger side still standard:


Sugar, forgot about the seats! Just got back from work and they've ended on £930 for the full interior. Don't think I would've payed that anyway, but hard to say without watching those minutes and seconds count down!
How have you got tax so low mate? Cos it's a diesel? Mine's £200/year on my ST. Currently running 185PS at 7000rpm and a peak torque of 200Nm at 4500 to 6000rpm. How expensive/viable is it to put a short shifter in a fez?
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