Manufacturers using electric superchargers

The manufactures' ones will work!

They will run at over 100,000rpm and be designed to compress the air, unlike eBay rubbish that spin at a few thousand rpm and have simple blades that speed the air up but don't compress it. Compression is what you want.
The difference is a million dollar research and design budget. It's no small feat but the manufacturer ones are from what i've read designed to reduce low rpm lag rather that take over all of the turbo's job.
Yep. I still think that turbocharging is better suited to steady speed (rpm) diesel engines with varying load. It's nothing short of spectacular that turbocharging works as well as it does in car engines.
Thanks for the input guys, once again an informative and educational answer.
who are the companies that make a good, usable, electric supercharger? Not just a piece of junk.
The only credible one I know of that is currently in development for the aftermarket application was a Rotrex unit a VC8 I believe but this is limited to just 75bhp.

I've not really seen any commercially viable electric superchargers out yet. The manufacturers are still doing R&D on them.
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