Man with Concerto seeks expert advice. " I'm no expert, but..." is fine.


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honda concerto

Concerto 1.6 Executive auto on a J plate, Love of my wife's life, (I'm a close second) has failed the MOT. Need ABS rear sensor, some welding, (not an issue) and the HC reduced. Honda supply the sensor ( any ideas for a cheaper source?)

How to tune the twin carbs? Done the on-line manual, looked all over it, no ideas - have you?

This needs sorting. I'm ready to listen, to travel, even to spend a small sum of money - that's how important this is.
Try the local breakers yard they may well have something suitable at a low price.

Tuning carbs is not really something I've played with. Getting the jets right and balancing them is apparently what it's all about. Which carbs are fitted to your car? I'll see what I can turn up for you when I know what they are.

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